Acrylic Awards


Pick a Shape - Pick a Size - Pick your favorite picture, Image, Logo or Photo and have it professionally preserved on Acrylic for years to come in FULL COLOR. Imagine handing out corporate Presentation Plaques, Desk Plates, Paperweights and awards from National that will be remembered for life. Don't stop here. How about entraping newspaper clippings, business cards, certificates of achievement all behind thick, clear Acrylic plates for all to see? Think this is a furtune? Well think again because National Plastic Engraving Company has made this process available to the general public and, at affordable prices.

Digital Printing on Acrylic surfaces is a brand new process only recently released. National takes pride in offering this revolutionary procedure to you today. You supply us an image with no less than 300 dpi unlayered clarity (TIF, High Resolution Adobe Acrobat PDF ((preferred)), CorelDRAW version X3 or earlier, Adobe Illustrator CS2 or earlier , or an encapsulated post script file - Graphics files must be in CMYK formula) and we'll supply you a memory to see every day.

Because of so may factors with colors, shapes, sizes etc., all AcryliPrint Acrylics are on a quote basis only. Additionally, if you don't see a popular shape or size below, National will custom make just about anything you can throw at us. Don't wait. Inquire today.

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